Terms & Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Using the logo blossom website, uploading the logos to the website, buying the logos from the website actually shows that you are okay with the complete bunch of terms and conditions explained below as well as the conditions and terms in any such policy agreements connected to from this agreement. In this documents, the phrase “user” defines any person who is actually using the website, either be it a client or customer or logo designer.

In case, if you are not satisfied or okay with these terms and conditions explained below, please do not employ this logoblossom.com website for any such proceedings. The logo blossom offers a service which links customers or buyers or clients who would like to buy logos and logo creators who would like to trade logos. In this agreement, the Intellectual property rights defines to all the lawful and permissible rights to an innovative work, in any country, and those rights containing but not restricted to trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Like other websites which you have around, we also have eligibility criteria for using the logo blossom website. The customers or buyers or sellers that can legally and lawfully come into legal contracts should use the logo blossom websites and its services. By using the website logoblossom.com you explicitly symbolize that you are no less than eighteen years old and that you might legally come into and develop conditions, binding contracts, guaranties and representations. We hold back the right in our exclusive prudence to decline, suspend, or finish access to anyone.

You accept that your use of this logoblossom.com website shall be at your personal risk. This website and the services offered by logo blossom are supplied with no warranties or guaranties or circumstances (articulate or coded, happening by sculpture or if not in commandment or rule or from a program of contracting or utilization or else sale). We (logo blossom) craft no depictions or warranties, of whatever kind, whichever articulated or coded, seeing that to the excellence and superiority, individuality or dependability of any other third party, or seeing that to the precision of the redeployment done on the website by means of any third party. We do not and cannot warranty uninterrupted or protected admittance to our services or which the website or services will come across your demands and desires all the time.

You can download the(.eps) source file of the logo from the download page once the payment process is completed.If you want the logo customized then you have to pay extra 5 dollars & give us 24-48 hours to complete the process.The amount once paid will not be refunded as you will get the (.eps)source file & there are many chances for forgery to take place.  

We do not have a requirement but at the same time we keep hold of right, in our private prudence, to prevent any transaction or project or to take away any other presented material or stuff, at any point, for any cause. We do not have a requirement but at the same time we keep hold of right, in our private prudence, to stop admittance to our website, at any point, for any cause. Logo blossom explicitly rejects any and all legal responsibility in association with content loaded to it by its users even while such stuff was permitted for publication or pamphlet by logo blossom.

We keep hold of the right to allot extra design work to designers of our choice. Extra design work is termed as modifications to a logo later than the ultimate logo files have been sent to the customer or client or design work associated to a confirmed logo project, where the customer demands such extra or modified design work from logo blossom directly. Such work will be allotted to logo blossom staff designers. Added to that, logo blossom may possibly contact any client, inside the restrictions of its privacy policy, just to provide extra back up, services or products where suitable.

You people hereby accept that you would employ the logoblossom.com website and any other linked services only for the legal reasons and points. Expressly you accept that you definitely will not do the following cases,

Register using a fake name or identity, endow with illogical and illegal contact details, fall short to distribute the accepted upon ultimate logo files to the customers, Upload or present logos to logoblossom.com which are as well addressable for sale somewhere else in the internet, Go against any third party rights, laws, or our rights, Employ any such logoblossom.com feature to deliver harmful code or computer viruses, in its widest description, Upload logo designs to logoblossom.com which are not private, original and sole inventions;

Employ any such logoblossom.com feature just to deliver spam, in its widest description, Imitate other user or involve yourself using a fake name, Using another user’s account without requesting any prior permission for whatever purposes, Copy, customize, or deliver content from the website and/or our trademarks and copyrights, Avoid or influence our fee structure, fees allocated to us, or the billing systems, Take any such measures which may possibly demoralize the rating systems,

Put an irrationally huge load on our server or on other technical communications, Crop or otherwise gather information about users, containing email addresses, without their permission, Make copied works from logos or any other matters or phrases found on the website, Turn around wangle or endeavor to turn around wangle any portion of the website or the logoblossom processes and systems,  Take any such measures which may possibly demoralize the feedback systems, Upload fake, ambiguous, imprecise, unfounded, insulting, or unlawful contents.

Logo blossom has a void forbearance policy for infringements of intellectual property or copy rights. We keep hold of the right, in our private prudence, to take any steps we consider is mandatory to stop the surrender of designs that disobey with respect to the rights of third parties. Whichever and all requirements logo blossom has to a designer shall terminate right after and wholly on one occasion a designer submits a logo design or design to logo blossom anywhere the design contains, in our private prudence, an explicit infringement of third party rights.

Logo blossom does not randomly sanction any logo which is submitted by the logo designers to the website. Whereas, each and every logo is permitted by logo blossom ahead it is published on the website, logo blossom does not and cannot assure that such logos are completely not in infringement of surviving copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, third party rights, or any other trade names to the material.

We hold back the right to, at our exclusive prudence and at the Foremost Violation, remove all such logos submitted by a designer, take away all funds in the account of a designer, lock the account and enduring block the designer from using the website should that designer endeavor to sell.

Material which is significantly imitated from other’s copyrighted material or material which we sensibly suspect to be matter to third party intellectual property rights or copyrights or any other stuff which includes or comprise unlawful pictures of any kind or Other’s copyrighted content or any other designs to the website or any other material which is as well provided for sale or available anywhere on the internet, if it even the designer’s sole and individual work.

Logo blossom does not sanction any suggestion, opinion or proposal articulated by the users. We keep hold of the right to take any such action that we, in our private prudence, consider is mandatory just to safeguard ourselves, the honesty of logo blossom systems and its prominence. Actions contain devoid of restriction termination, prohibiting users, suspension, taking away funds from the website and/or lawful actions.

You hereby accept and provide consent which your finances removed in this manner for this cause shall be utilized to furnish refunds to the clients or customers or buyers where proper and the rest shall be forfeited and you give up all the rights or claims in opposition to logo blossom or any other users in association with such funds.

We may possibly employ logo blossom ourselves to both purchase and vend logos over the account name “logo blossom”. In addition, logo blossom employee may involve in their sole capabilities. The logo blossom employee accounts and logo blossom account shall perform as general user accounts and get no special treatment. We keep hold of the right, but do not have a requirement, in our private prudence, to refuse user submitted matter or content, at any point (containing later than it was originally approved for publication), for any cause. Logo blossom will not be compelled to provide a cause or description for our verdict to either agree or deny user submitted content.

Designers accept to our standard one business day (Monday through Saturday) reverse time for any such modifications to a logo. The similar reverse time relates to the distribution of ultimate logo files once a client agrees/permits a logo. In case, if a designer fall short to stick on to this reverse time, logo blossom will possibly have the choice to re-allot the project to a logo blossom staff designer. We keep hold of the right, but do not have a requirement, in our private prudence, to delete, take away or to annals logos which have been sold.

When a logo is traded or while client feedback is obtained logo blossom will mail a computerized intimation to the designer. The email ID on the file at logo blossom would be employed for this reason. Logo blossom may decide to forward follow up mails to non-reactive designers, but will not be required to perform so. Logo blossom does not and cannot assure that any emails will be sent, delivered, and received victoriously. Designers are informed to sign into their logo blossom accounts on a daily basis just to review their respond and sales to their customers as wanted. Dependence on email intimations from logo blossom will be at the designer’s personal risk.

Designers accept that the cost of each and every logo showed on the website should be the complete cost of the logo. At no point, shall extra fees or compensations of any type be owing to you by logo blossom or by the purchaser of the logo in regards to the logo bought. Designers may ask for extra fees, as find out by the designer, for extra work that goes above the general logo blossom service offers to its customers, for instance, if the buyer demands more than one format of their logo distributed in vector mode. Any extra fees must be explicitly declared by the designer and accepted to by the buyer prior in hand. Except the buyer demands extra work from logo blossom directly, such extra work is above the extent of logo blossom‘s standard service providing and above our power and must hence be accepted upon and settled in between the buyer and the designer.

While a designer account exhibits a pessimistic balance for any cause whatever, logo blossom may demand that the designer submit payout to logo blossom identically to the negative account balance. Fail to punctually submit such payout to logo blossom may end up in the account suspension. Added to that, logo blossom hold back the right and will have the possibility to, in its private prudence, gather such amounts from a buyer’s forthcoming wages on logo blossom.

The designer accepts to vend and logo blossom accepts to buy the intellectual property rights to the logo design for the sum of certain amount, from that logo blossom might take away any and all the processing fees connected with the vend and deliver of payouts, where later than the designer should have no lawful declare for whatever to the logo design. Supposed and fixed payout shall be sent to the designer’s PayPal logo blossom account balance. A project might be re-allotted to a logo blossom staff designer due to some other causes as predetermined over the legal relationships and obligations in this terms and conditions as well as for any other violation of the agreement by a designer which may, at our private prudence, show the way to a pitiable practice for the customer.

In case, if a project is re-allotted to a logo blossom staff designer, the designer who actually crafted the logo will give up all payouts connected with the trade and logo blossom will possibly buy the intellectual property rights to the logo design from the sole designer just for the reason of delivering it to the buyer. The designer accepts to build no more declarations or claims for payouts or royalties in association with any other logo design sold to logo blossom taking place on these terms and conditions. 

The designer account balance may be decreased at whatever time by logo blossom for handling fees associated to transaction on the account. Processing charges are find out and charged by the third party dealers and are ahead the control of logo blossom. Designers approve logo blossom take away any fees mandatory to make sure that logo blossom does not worry a net financial loss in any such transaction. When logo blossom is committed to paying designers their complete share of proceeds from their trades, it will not be required to provide an explanation or validation or deduction beyond and above the normal fee structure defined in this agreement.

In the occasion of a trade, logo blossom demands that the designer put on modifications to the designs as per the instructions of the buyer. It is accepted that these modification shall not contain complete modification. Modifications to the colors, text, fonts and layouts are incorporated. The buyer may possibly request for slight modifications to the logo images itself, which includes modifying a letter, including a circle in or around the logo design, taking away logo design elements etc., the designer is obligated to construct these customizations to the logo design as portion of their requirement to the buyer under this agreement. Whereas a buyer demand modifications above minor changes, the designer may pass on the matter to logo blossom who, in its private prudence, will find out if the modifications meet the criteria of minor changes and intimate the designer and the buyer of its decision. In case, if the changes meet the criteria of minor modifications, the designer will be obligated to make the changes.

Designers accept to behave in an expert way in all their business with logo blossom, with any other designers and as well with customers. We hold back the right to suspend any user’s account for unethical behavior. If a designer (at any point, in our private prudence) exhibits unethical behavior while business deal is going on with a client, logo blossom will have the possibility to re-allot the project to a logo blossom staff designer. For the reason of this agreement, designers agree that ethical behavior to a customer shall contain, but not to be restricted  to caring customers reasonably, treating customers with esteem, abstaining from the use of unclean verbal communication and name calling elsewhere on the website, being adequately well-known with fundamental design processes and the fundamental performance to the website just to make sure that the amendments process is done with no delays, advising the customer to the most excellent of their capability, abstaining from quarrelling with the customer anywhere doable and performing their extreme to solve disagreement at the earliest and to the gratification of the customer.

We will get in touch with you employing your email id on the file or by uploading messages on the website. The email id on the files is none other than the email id supplied by you at the time of registration process and may be upgraded by the user with respect to their email preferences and choices. You just acknowledge to get messages from logo blossom electronically and you accept that such messages will gratify any such lawful demand which such messages either be on paper. Any or whatsoever messages emailed to you will be judged to have been got one day at least later than it has been sent. 

Amount possessed by logo blossom to designers will be mirrored in the designer’s account balance from where the user could demand a pay out of the funds. Payments are handled with the PayPal service alone. Logo blossom will make the payment to the user’s PayPal email ID on file at logo blossom. Users are wholly in-charge for uploading and up keeping their account information at logo blossom. Logo blossom will be beneath no more requirement to users in the occasion that a payment is not sent, fails, is not got by the user or is not doable owing to any mistake in the user’s logo blossom account details or owing to the non-attendance of a correct, valid PayPal email ID.

Logo blossom demands that designers provide their original name and surname for the reason copyright transfer in the occasion of a trade. Logo blossom has the possibility to obligate that users examine their details by uploading identifying documentation as established by logo blossom. Fail to provide original name and surname or fail to supply acceptable identifying documentation when demanded may end up in account suspension, removal of designer’s logo designs from the website, and or holdups in distributing the payments.

Designer might at whatever time demands a payment. While a payment is demanded logo blossom will transfer the amounts to the designers PayPal account at the next pay cycle, supplied that the user’s account is not suspended or discovered to be in infringement of this agreement. Logo blossom may hold-up any payment should it, in its private prudence, perceive a higher danger of sham, a repayment or chargeback connected with one or more of the business transactions donating to the positive account balance.

Logo blossom permits users to silence their accounts up to thirty days. The silence feature will possibly hide user loaded logos from possible customers. Logo blossom has the chance, but not the requirement, to either manually or automatically “un-pause” any account that has been silenced in excess of thirty days may perform so by signing in all thirty days, re-pausing and then un-pausing the account.

 Each and every member of the website is entirely and wholly responsible for gratifying all governmental reporting, tax, and any other lawful obligations in their own countries/authorities.

The designer account balance may be decreased at whatever time by logo blossom for repayment or charge backs. Logo blossom may possibly, at whatever time, get better from the designers account balance any amount confirmed by the designer to logo blossom or such amounts are mandatory to counterweigh logo blossom for any such loss that it find outs, in its private prudence, it has tolerated owing to the designers violation of this agreement.

By submitting logos on logo blossom, designers confirm that they are capable enough to efficiently have a communication in English language. Logo blossom may, at its private prudence, take a project or work away from a designer and allot it to one of its staff designers if it senses that the project may come to an end in a repay due to unsuccessful communication, for whatever cause, from the designer. In those cases, the designer will definitely lose the further happenings from that trade.

Logo blossom will never make payments to designers till a project is confirmed. A project is considered to be confirmed while the ultimate logo files, containing but not mandatorily restricted to EPS logo file, have been uploaded on the buyer system. In times, where the buyers turn out to be un-reactive logo blossom will try to set up contact with the buyer in an attempt to get done the project. If this not worked, logo blossom will, at its private prudence, either repay the project or close the project and call off and make the amounts accessible to the designer.

You hereby accept that you are wholly in-charge for any matter or content which you submit to the website and to any effects of submitting such stuffs. By submitting any other contents and logo designs to the website you avow, symbolize and/or assure that you are lawfully permitted to vend and let somebody know such content. Logo blossom will, at the foremost offence, shut your account, remove any and all your work from our website and/or from our databases, take away any funds in your account and everlastingly block you from vending logo designs to the website, should you be established to, at the private prudence of logo blossom provide for trade any stuff that you are not lawfully permitted to vend.

Logo blossom is definitely not an escrow service and does not retain property on the website on designers behalf. Users accept to demand a payment of amounts inside twelve  months of it being published to their accounts. Amounts there in designers accounts for in the excess of twelve months may be measured untaken and may be lost.  There is absolutely no price for browsing the website or to vending logo designs on the website. Logo blossom demands fees to the buyer while the buyer opt-for to buy a service or product from the website.

Logo blossom is an absolute English medium website. Designers admit that a fundamental ability in the English language is an obligation for the victorious conclusion of any such design project and that logo blossom has the full right and the requirement to re-allot a project to a logo blossom staff designer should it, at any point in the existence of a project and in its private prudence, sense that a designer’s incapability to have a communication efficiently in English is creating a pitiful experience for the purchaser.

Logo blossom may ask clients for administration fee if it, at any point and its exclusive prudence, considers such a fee is mandatory to support the functioning of the logo blossom website. Primary payments to fresh designers will be held-up for twenty days. Once a designer has got one prior payment at least, this delay will no lastingly exist.

If you purchase a logo, you accept to fulfill any modifications to the logo inside thirty  days of the trade. Modifications demanded later than this time limit may bring upon extra charges. Designers will be required to carry on functioning on logos past this time limit, supplied that the purchaser pays extra fees as determined by logo blossom.

While a trade happens, the designer is required to distribute the logo in EPS  format at least. The designer is required to create modifications to the logo if it is demanded by the buyer and to offer the logo in extra file formats where suitable. Failure to meet the terms may, at our private prudence, show the way to the project being re-allotted to a logo blossom staff designer. 

Logo blossom is merely a place for logo designers to vend their original and sole work. No employee-employer connection, agency, franchise, joint business enterprise, or partnership is planned or made by this agreement. Each and every member of the website is entirely and wholly responsible for gratifying all governmental reporting, tax, and any other lawful obligations in their own countries/authorities.

As the process of the website may have the chance to get influenced by some other causes out of our command or control. To the complete point lawfully allowed, logo blossom, its directors, officers, agents disclaim, staffs, and be exclusive of all coded guaranties, terms and conditions, incorporating but not restricted to the coded guaranties, or else tradability, aptness for a sole cause, non-violation, and title. No other suggestion or detail either be it by word of mouth or on paper, that you get from logo blossom or else all the way through the use of our services shall make any guarantee not explicitly declared in this agreement.

The logo blossom website is provided exclusively as a place just to let the designers from wherever to trade or vend their logo designs to the buyers residing at any place all over the globe. We only have restricted power over and do not warranty the excellence, authenticity, or security of any kind of product or service provided on the website, the precision of any other user detail posted on the website, the capability of any logo designer to distribute services issued or that any person will finish a transaction.

You acknowledge to preserve, or care for, retain risk free, and assure logo blossom, its directors, employees, officers, similar companies, associates, and agents from and in opposition to any hazard, defeat, cost expense, or any other legal responsibility (containing affordable lawyer’s fees) acquired by logo blossom from or in opposition to any other defeat, hazard, cost expense, claim, requirement or event brought in opposition to us by the means of any other third party in association with your use of the website, containing any use all the way through your user account and containing any payout requirements acquired via the use of the website. This argument or defense and indemnification will make this agreement alive and your use of the website.

You will not take control of logo blossom, its officers, employees, directors, or else agent in-charge for the processes of any other users on the website, incorporating any matter or subject submitted solely by the means of other users. You accept that the logo blossom does not perform as a conventional auctioneer and as well as logo blossom does not make any verification on the user’s submitted stuff whether it is secured and protected to download. You agree that the would-be hazard intrinsic in saving any stuff or material from the internet and acknowledge that any other material which you are about to save from logo blossom, containing, but not restricted to, material on which you have spent money for, shall be saved at your sole risk.

Whenever you upload any matter or content to the website, you permit as a worldwide, everlasting, non exclusive, royalty-free, sub licensable, transmittable license just to show such matters on the website or any other media and to, at our private prudence, make copied works of the content in turn to meet up the buyer demands when a sale takes place.

Logo blossom is issued from and controlled from India. We do not and cannot able to assure that the website will be appropriate or addressable in other area or that our processes, matter, techniques, and agreements will be legal and authorized in all area. Such users who access or use the website from any other areas are exclusively in-charge to meet the terms with local laws.

Copyright to any logo design uploaded on the website shall stay behind that of the designer who originally crafted the logo. Once a logo design is vended, the copyright shall transmit automatically and straight away to the customer. The designer who designed the logo which is sold shall create neither more claims of copyright nor any extra fees with association to the logo or the use there later than the logo was sold.

Each and every logo designer and buyer is supposed to have a glance exclusively to each other for execution of the rights and requirements predetermined in this agreement. Logo blossom may, but definitely is not required to, task staff designer at its private prudence to entire design work while in case the designer fall short to get done the design works inside the limitations and obligations stipulated by logo blossom. In those cases, the logo designer shall give up a portion of the logo cost as stipulated in this agreement.

This agreement disallows users from submitting matter that violates on any other third party rights and logo blossom physically screens and permit every logo submitted to the website. On the other hand, logo blossom performs clearly as the “intermediate person” in between the customer and vender and such it shall have no requirement to function trademark, service mark or copyright explores or enquiries of any kind, just to examine the politeness, or responsibility of any logo designs issued for sale. It is the solely the customer’s duty to organize the proper research to conclude whether the logo which he or she is purchasing is not previously in use and/or does not  slide down under a third party’s exclusive right, brand name, or other suitability right. If you really consider that your sole rights have been infringed by any material or stuff uploaded by a logo blossom user, you can intimate us at any time.

In case, if you have a quarrel or clash or dispute with any other person of logo blossom you hereby let go logo blossom, its agents, directors, officers, subsidiaries, employees, joint ventures, and parent organization from claims, hazards and demands, original and significant, of any kind, familiar and unfamiliar, happening solely because of such disputes or in whichever way whatever associated with such dispute. Not in spite of any other condition or stipulation or section included in this agreement, in no occasion will our legal responsibility to you go beyond, or the total amount paid by you to logo blossom in the three  months foregoing the occasion or event which bestowed go up to the legal responsibility.

You will not take control of us answerable to you or any other person for whichever not direct, out of the ordinary, significant or disciplinary hazards pursuant to this terms and conditions, containing but not restricted to loss of business chances, loss of benefits, loss of benevolence or of eminence even where logo blossom was purposely recommended of the likelihood of such hazards. The logo blossom name and logo designs are the trademarks of the website. The users uploaded matter containing but not restricted to logos issued for trade, are the property of and may possibly be the brand of the relevant users.

Both the designer who actually designed the logo and logo blossom shall have a worldwide, everlasting, non exclusive, royalty-free, sub licensable, transmittable license just to show the vended logos in their relevant portfolios, in any other medium they decide upon.

This terms and conditions shall become efficient in the lead of your employ of the website and shall carry on waiting ended in unity with the terms and conditions of this portion. Either a party may end up this agreement at whatever time in the lead of on paper notification to the other party or associate. This agreement will as well as automatically ends up while your user account is closed or blocked. Later than the termination of this agreement, you will stay behind required to payout any amount which is pending to logo blossom or to another user. When your user account is closed or blocked, we will everlastingly take away any such information or details connected with your sole account.

You may not make a replica of any other matter on the website, containing but not restricted to logos posted by the users, in any medium, for any cause, with no earlier written permission from logo blossom, its lawful spokesperson, or the landlord of the content in the case of user uploaded matter or content. Whenever you upload a design demand or design idea to the website, you permit as a worldwide, everlasting, non exclusive, royalty-free, sub licensable, transmittable license just to show your demand or idea openly on the website or any other media.

In case, if any such portion of this agreement is encountered to be unenforceable, the unenforceable portion will be given consequence to the higher point possible and the remaining of the document or agreement will hang on in complete power and consequence. You will never hand over or transmit your sole rights, in-charges, or your account with no former on paper approval from us. We may possibly allot this agreement with no limitations.

This terms and conditions agreement, in collaboration with the backing-up documents as predetermined, includes the complete or to the point agreement in between the you and us and shall take over from any former agreement in between the parties or associates. You should never upload any fake, or misleading and in-accurate information. Also, we have the right to remove any such contents or matters without making any prior intimation to you. If you just carry on to upload distasteful or unpleasing content, your account would be closed then.


You should understand that it is clearly not doable for logo blossom to go through all such contents uploaded on the website, so, we actually do not take any in-charge for those set of contents and matters. No hold-up or slip by logo blossom in working our rights and solutions under this agreement will be interpreted as a waiver of such rights or solutions. Any one or fractional work of a solution or a right shall not prevent any more work of solutions and rights.

Logo blossom keep hold of the right to make slight or major modifications in this Terms and Conditions at any point of time without any prior intimation.

We hold back the right to state any illegal or counterfeit conduct to law enforcement, and Logo blossom will work together with law or legal enforcement to make sure that abusers are indicted to the ultimate point of law.

You accept to overcome or solve any issues, quarrel, claim, or argument at legally in between you and logo blossom in harmony with the “Dispute Resolution”. You also accept to contact logo blossom straight away ahead resorting to any of the opinions avowed here. It is actually doable to set an order for a logo where one or more than one users are in the system of ordering the similar logo. In those cases, logo blossom shall repay all with the exception of the foremost order to catch us. As soon as a transaction is done, the sold logo design will be out of stock for trade.

Should you file a claim converse to the “Dispute Resolution” we will be permitted to get better lawyer’s fees and other cost from you, provided that we have noticed you in case of the illegally or fake filed complaint and also that you have fall short to punctually take out the claim.

This agreement in its whole is ruled by laws of India. You accept that any claim or issue you may have in opposition to or with logo blossom will be sorted out by the Laws of India only. Any or whatever purposes of action you may have with relevant to logo blossom have to be originated inside one month later than it happens, or else the purpose of action is banned. 

Agreement with Sellers or Designers:

If you want to register in logo blossom website as a designer, you should agree and approve the terms and conditions described in this website. In case, if you do not agree the terms and conditions, better do not upload your logo for sale in this website.

Once after completing the registration process in the website, the logo blossom will supply a login id and password and the designers should employ that particular login details for any logo publication, transaction details and whatever reasons.

And the designers or sellers should upload your logo which is unique, peculiar and original. Designers should not upload any fake, illegal and logos which are in surviving copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, third party rights, or any other trade names to the material.

Logo blossom does not approve any logo randomly which is submitted by the logo designers to the website. Whereas, each and every logo is permitted by logo blossom ahead it is published on the website.

Logo blossom does not and cannot assure that the posted logos are completely not in violation of surviving copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, third party rights, or any other trade names to the material.

If we found any copied, derivative, or plagiarized logo, logo blossom have complete rights to remove or take away such logos with no prior information to the designer. And logo blossom will not be compelled to provide any explanation or reason on that point of deleting any logos.

Designers are advised to upload the logo once after verification is done with respect to the content, matter and text of the logo which you have designed. Your logos which you have posted will come into sale only after it is verified by logo blossom website. You cannot file any complaint or objection on that cause.

Designers can earn good money in logo blossom website, from first sale onwards you get $ 10. The PayPal charges will be bound by us.

Logo blossom keep hold of right to remove or deny designers logos or contents or matters at any point for any cause. Logo blossom will not be compelled to provide any description or cause for removing such logos and other details to the designers.

Logo blossom will not take in-charge for the copied or plagiarized logos in case if anything were found. Designers are solely and wholly responsible for any and all unoriginal, imitative, and derivative logos.

Once the logo was sold, logo blossom will intimate the designers all the way through their email id which was given at the time of registration.

And if the needed be, designers can get buyers information from logo blossom and you can have a direct contact with them regarding the modifications of logos and other details.

The  cost of the logo is$18 dollars, the designer will get $ 10 dollors for every logo sale. 

In case, if the buyers ask any offers with respect to the price, logo blossom will intimate you through email and it is the designer who can decide whether or not to afford pricing offers to the buyers. Logo blossom will never and not interfere in that price reduction dealings.

Once the logo was sold, you should never sell or intend to sell such logo to any other websites or buyers or clients. Once the logo was sold to a particular buyer, the buyer will automatically get all the rights of that logo.

And the designer should give logos in EPS format and other formats as per the demand of buyers.

And in case, if the buyer asks any modifications to the logo, designer should modify the logo inside twenty four (24) hours. And the designer should send the modified files and logo formats inside 48 hours without fail.

In case, if the designers cannot or failed to do such modifications demanded by the buyer, logo blossom keep hold of right to re-allot that project to a logo blossom  designer without requesting any permission from the sole designer. In such case we deduct 5% of your logo cost.

All the payments will be made via PayPal only, so all the designers are requested to  open a PayPal account.   

The designers will get their first payment only after 10 days of your logo  sold. And the following payments will be cleared after 7 days. No matter, either you are about to get first or second payment but, all such payouts will be cleared on demand by the designers.

And it is the sole responsible of the designers to maintain their PayPal account, logo blossom will never and will not be compelled to maintain such accounts on the designer’s behalf.

Keep in mind that, you will not receive your payouts correctly and perfectly in case of incorrect details given by you to your PayPal account, In such cases, logo blossom will never take any in-charge for the incorrect PayPal id given by you and will not take any responsible for the failed payouts. It is the sole responsible of the designers to clear such errors and incorrect details.

All the communication will be done through email and will be in English language alone.   




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